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  New Children's Book Authors: Rosaria L. Calafati

When you're searching for adventure books for kids, the options are myriad. You have your choice of superhero stories, mystical wizard stories, and more. There's a newcomer to the genre of adventure books for kids that has people talking: Ella The Enchanted Princess.



Ella was born bald, and she struggles with exactly the anxieties you would expect from a young child who looks different than others. Ella wants to get out and explore her magical kingdom, but she's afraid to face her own reflection in the grand mirror outside of her room. Ella has to look at herself - metaphorically and literally - in order to live the life of her dreams.



Rosaria L. Calafati, the author of the Ella The Enchanted Princess series, is one of the children's book authors who has been making waves by creating books for children who aren't the same as their peers. This space has been neglected for decades, and children's book authors are beginning to realize how important it is to write books that are positive and inclusive. Ms. Calafati created Ella after she battled (and beat!) breast cancer. As she lost her hair, she noticed that people would sometimes stare and whisper. This was hurtful as an adult, and she could only imagine how hurtful that experience must be for children. She created Ella to give children who are different the strength and confidence to be their proud, bold, beautiful selves.

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