January 12, 2017

Children's story about a bald princess who has to overcome her fear of mirrors to start believing in herself!

December 26, 2016

Meet Ella The Enchanted Princess the main character for the start of a beautiful series of books about a bald princess and her fabulous adventures. Join my blog to get updates when Who Are You? is launched.

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Ella The Enchanted Princess Series

A sneak peek of my collection of fairytale children story books about a beautiful bald princess named Ella.


These stories take place in a beautiful castle beyond the Enchanted Forest filled with intriguing fairytale characters.


Kids will love to read all about Ella as she goes on many adventures through the Enchanted Forest and meets interesting fairytale characters. 


Each book teaches a valuable lesson for children of all ages.

The Ugly

Christmas Tree

What adventures await Ella when she goes through the Enchanted Forest to the Christmas Tree Forest to pick out her first Christmas tree?

The Secret of

the Purple Gem

Fairy Rosa asks Ella to help her save the fairies. The Purple Gem was stolen from the fairies' village.  What is so special about the Purple Gem?

The Mystery of

the Stolen Light

It is morning, but it is still dark out.  How can Ella overcome her fear of the dark while she goes exploring to find the light of the Enchanted Forest?

Who Are You?

Introducing Ella The Enchanted Princess.  Join her in her very first adventure through the Grand Hall.  How do all the wonderful fairy tale characters help Ella conquer her fears?

Who Are You?  Ella The Echanted Princess
The Ugly Christmas Tree Ella The Enchanted Princess
The Mystery Of The Stolen Light Ella The Enchanted Princess
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 Ella The Enchanted Princess - Bald Princess

September is

Alopecia Awareness



Rosaria L. Calafati is proud to announce that she is sponsoring the Children’s Alopecia Project by donating $1.00 from each sale of her books and 10% of royalties from sales at her Baldies Rule ZAZZLE Shop.


CAP is changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence.

– Jeff Woytovich, Founder

Children’s Alopecia Project


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