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Ella The Enchanted Princess:

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Quick: think about your favorite princess in fairy tales for kids. There's a good chance you pictured a young girl with long, flowing hair. While there's nothing wrong with this type of princess, it's important for little girls to know that they are beautiful and worthy of love no matter what they look like. This was the goal of creating Ella The Enchanted Princess.


Ella is a beautiful young princess who happened to be born without hair, which makes her a little different from the typical princess in fairy tale stories for kids. She's sometimes ashamed of being bald - but in time, she learns to take pride in whom she is and stops making an effort to hide her lack of hair. Ella understands that her differences are what make her beautiful, and she knows that she can inspire other little girls to be comfortable in their own skin by being comfortable in hers.


Little girls need positive role models to look up to, especially in fairy tale stories for kids. Far too often, storybook heroes are revered for their beautiful looks and not much else. Ella's stories teach children that everyone can be beautiful and that actions are the true mark of beauty - not physical appearance. When you choose to provide your child with stories starring Ella The Enchanted Princess, you're opening their eyes to a new idea of beauty that they're not likely to see on television or in the movie theater. You're teaching your child that they can be brave and strong, even when they get worried about what other people may think. When your child gets to know Ella, they get to know the confidence that already lies within, and has yet to be discovered.

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