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My name is Rosaria L Calafati, the author of the Ella The Enchanted Princess series, and the Leo & Lucas series, I create books for children who are bald and aren't the same as their peers. I created Ella a fairy tale bald princess and Leo a fairytale bald superhero to give children who are different the strength and confidence to be their proud, bold, beautiful selves. Kids Are Precious To Me!

Ella The Enchanted Princess is a beautiful young princess who happened to be born without hair, which makes her a little different from the typical princess in fairy tale stories for kids. Through her adventures, she learns to take pride in whom she is and stops making an effort to hide her lack of hair. Ella understands that her differences are what makes her beautiful, and she knows that she can inspire other little girls to be comfortable in their skin by being comfortable in hers.

I created Leo & Lucas to show how Leo’s desire to help people and animals that are in trouble drives him to become a warrior!  I also wanted to teach children that just because you are different, you can still achieve great things.  Leo & Lucas were different, but the love and compassion they have for each other, unites them as a mighty team.  Children have a special place in my heart, and through my books, I hope to teach children to believe in themselves and that they can accomplish anything as long as they have the desire to do it! 

My reward is seeing the children’s expressions as they read my books.  It has become very costly to keep donating my books. I am creating this fundraiser so I can continue sending my books to children to teach them to Always Believe In Themselves.

With your donations, I will create Ella The Enchanted Princess Gift Set and Leo & Lucas Gift Set to donate to these amazing children who are going through the challenges of hair loss due to Alopecia or Cancer! Any amount is much appreciated!

Please Donate to make a child happy today! Thank you!

My stories are all too familiar for young boys and girls who worry about what others may say about their appearance. If your child, or the child of a loved one, looks or acts differently from other kids their age, reading about Ella The Enchanted Princess and Leo & Lucas is a great way to help them understand that they are just as valued and unique as other children. Young kids need to have role models they feel a connection with, and Ella and Leo are beautiful examples of how it’s ok (and even great!) to be different from others. When you give the gift of Ella and Leo, you’re giving the gift of self-confidence. With your help, my dream of sharing my books with these children will come true! 

I have donated to many children in the following organizations: The Children’s Alopecia Project, Moments.Of.Hope, You Are Loved and Prayed For, Tea
m Cure, The Baldie Movement, Sophia's Bundles of Love, and many families that have reached out to me through Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in a FREE Gift Set for your special Princess or Warrior, please fill out the form above!


Leo bald warrior!
Marcus and Rosaria
Lucas the flying horse!