Meet Leo!  Leo is an exceptional little boy.  Leo is a farm boy that lives up in the mountains with his parents.  He is an extraordinary little boy.  Looking at Leo, you would say that he was a different little boy.  He was kind and gentle and cared a lot about the things that surrounded him. Leo was born with no hair.  Not having hair never bothered him. Although Leo was young, he had a lot of strength for a little boy.  He had big hands and feet, and some may say he looked a little clumsy Leo was mighty, but he was kind and gentle too.  Leo didn’t realize how much strength he had!  Leo thought that he was just like any other boy.


Leo has always wanted a friend, one that would share his passion for saving the world. But his parents kept him confined to the mountains for his safety.  Then one day, fate takes an extraordinary turn and brings Leo face-to-face with his passion for helping care for others in the form of a new friend and partner! 


This friend and partner is Lucas, a flying horse.  Lucas was not an ordinary horse, but a clumsy looking horse.  His face looked like a donkey’s face, and he had tiny wings. The horse's features didn’t bother Leo.  He thought that Lucas was beautiful no matter what.


I created Leo & Lucas to show how Leo’s desire to help people and animals that are in trouble drives him to become a warrior!  I also wanted to show children that just because you are different, you can still achieve great things.  Leo & Lucas were different, but the love and compassion they have for each other unites them as a mighty team.  Children have a special place in my heart, and through my books, I hope to teach children to believe in themselves and that they can accomplish anything as long as they have the desire! 


 Leo & Lucas set an example of caring, friendship and doing the right thing. This incredible team speaks to the heart of children so that they can find love and compassion with friends no matter how different they might be.




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