New Children Alopecia Books Author & Illustrator:

 Rosaria L. Calafati

Ella The Enchanted Princess
Rosaria L. Calafati Author and Illustrator
Leo & Lucas

Looking for Fairy Tale Children Alopecia Books? Rosaria L. Calafati Author and Illustrator of Ella The Enchanted Princess Series - a fairy tale bald princess and Leo & Lucas Series - a fairytale bald superhero - believe Kids Are Precious has written a series of books  for children who are bald!

Rosaria L. Calafati, the author of The Ella The Enchanted Princess series - a fairy tale bald princess and Leo & Lucas series - a fairytale bald superhero, is one of the children's book authors who has been making waves by creating books for children who are bald and aren't the same as their peers. Mrs. Calafati feels that this space has been neglected for decades, and children's book authors are beginning to realize how important it is to write books that are positive and inclusive. Mrs. Calafati created Ella a fairy tale bald princess & Leo a fairytale bald superhero after she battled (and beat!) breast cancer. As she lost her hair, she noticed that people would sometimes stare and whisper. This was hurtful as an adult, and she could only imagine how hurtful that experience must be for children who are bald. She created Ella, a fairy tale bald princess & Leo, a fairytale bald superhero to give children who are bald the strength and confidence to be their proud, bold, beautiful selves.


Rosaria is a very devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.  Her family means the world to her. She was a single parent for over 11 years.  The struggles of raising children on her own could be very challenging. She always maintained a positive attitude no matter what was thrown at her. She met the love of her life and together they combined their families. Her family grew from 3 to 6 children.  As far as Rosaria was concerned they were all her kids. "Kids Are Precious," says Rosaria "They all need love and a place to belong!"  She is now a proud mom of 6 grown children and 12 grandchildren! Her marvelous husband has inspired her throughout her challenges of Breast Cancer and supports her through her writing career. 


Rosaria while raising her children found it hard to find inspirational short stories for children that align with her family's values. She found out that many of the inspirational short stories for kids today focus on kids who meet the typical standard of beauty. While the children in standard inspirational stories for kids may have their own struggles, they usually look, sound, and act like everything else. This is where

Ella The Enchanted Princess and Leo & Lucas are different.


Rosaria created Ella The Enchanted Princess and Leo & Lucas also because of her struggles raising children. When it comes to inspirational short stories for children, books starring Ella The Enchanted Princess offer a source of connection for children who may look or act differently from their peers. Ella was born without hair, and she often struggles with her confidence and self-image. While Ella wants to get out and explore her magical town, she's afraid of having to look into the large mirror in the grand hall of her castle. Her fears keep her, literally and figuratively, locked away from everything she wants to experience.


Rosaria wants to share that this tale is all too familiar for young boys and girls who worry about what others may say about their appearance. If your child, or the child of a loved one, looks or acts differently from other kids their age, teaching them about Ella The Enchanted Princess is a great way to help them understand that they are just as valued and special as other children. It's essential for young kids to have role models they feel a connection with, and Ella is a wonderful example of how it's ok (and even great!) to be different from others. When you give the gift of Ella, you're giving the gift of self-confidence.


Children have a special place in her heart and she realizes that kids are precious. Through her books,

she hopes to teach children to believe in themselves!

Rosaria signing books!
True bald princesses!
Ella the Enchanted Princess - Bald Princess

 Rosaria is a breast cancer survivor who realized that after losing her hair, being bald doesn't change who you are! She didn't hide her baldness because she knew she was the same person with or without hair. With this thought in mind, she created Ella, because she knew this wasn't the same journey for our youth and adults, facing hair loss. Here's her story below.


"I poured all my feelings of how it feels to be different and live in a world with people staring at you into Ella. As I was going through the many challenges of Breast Cancer, losing my hair was the one I conquered. I never wore wigs or hats to hide behind.  I would wake up every morning put on my lipstick and face the day.

After losing my hair to Breast Cancer, I realized that Bald Is Beautiful and that being bald doesn't change who you are! I didn't hide my baldness because I knew I was the same person with or without hair.

It didn't make a difference to me if people stared. I knew who I was and I believed in myself.  When I did catch people whispering, it would make me very very sad.  I realized how mean people could be. I felt in my heart the heartache that children and adults must go through for being different!  Understanding this feeling was when I realized that I had to help children and how they perceive themselves.  I decided to create a Bald Princess to set a precedent!  You don't need hair to be beautiful!

The reason I created a bald princess is that every little girl looks up to a princess's character and wants to be like them.   All children are not the same, so I concluded that all princesses should not be the same. Kids are precious and have to be treated that way." 


Little girls and women need positive role models to look up to, especially in fairy tale stories for kids. Far too often, storybook heroes are revered for their beautiful looks and not much else. Ella's stories teach children that everyone can be beautiful and that actions are the true mark of beauty - not physical appearance. When you choose to provide your child with stories starring Ella The Enchanted Princess, you're opening their eyes to a new idea of beauty that they're not likely to see on television or in the movie theater. You're teaching your child that they can be brave and strong, even when they get worried about what other people may think. When your child gets to know Ella, they get to know the confidence that already lies within, and has yet to be discovered.

Marcus and Rosaria
Leo bald warrior!
Lucas the flying horse!

When you're searching for adventure books for boys, the options are myriad. You have your choice of superhero stories, mystical wizard stories, and more. There's a newcomer to the genre of adventure books for kids that has people talking: Leo & Lucas - a fairytale bald superhero.


"I also want to show children that just because you are different, you can still achieve great things.  "Leo & Lucas are different, but the love and compassion they have for each other unites them as a mighty team.  Children have a special place in my heart, and through my books, I hope to teach children to believe in themselves and that they can accomplish anything as long as they have the desire! 


 Leo & Lucas set an example of caring, friendship, and doing the right thing. This incredible team speaks to the heart of children so that they can find love and compassion with friends no matter how different they might be."


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