How To Deal With Alopecia

Hair loss is a subject of embarrassment for many people. Alopecia areata is a certain type of hair loss that happens when the immune system attacks your hair follicles. The good news here is that this is usually not permanent (most people with alopecia will regrow the missing hair within a year), however even the experts have no idea what triggers the immune system to react in such a way.

Unlike other conditions, it’s not painful and doesn’t lead to serious health problems that will make you sick. It’s not contagious either, but it can be a massive source of embarrassment for those that are afflicted with it. The loss of hair tends to make many people feel less attractive. Here, I have some ways to deal with alopecia.

Talk To Someone

As with anything that gives you the blues, it’s so important to seek out a counselor who can help you handle the negative feelings that can come about from having a condition like alopecia. Additionally, they can help connect you with others who are experiencing the same thing. Forming a system of support will help you endure this period of your life.

Change Your Hair Style

Certain hair care products can help you make your hair appear thicker. There are also dyes and even scalp makeup that can help cover up the bald areas. Or get a new cut which can help you work with what you still have until your hair grows back.

Wear a hairpiece

Hairpieces made from synthetic or human hair can be worn to cover up the areas where hair loss has occurred. Don’t confuse this with hair weaving, which can lead to permanent hair loss even for those without alopecia.

Treatment options

When you have patchy hair loss like the kind from alopecia, you might want to consider turning to injections. Corticosteroids injected into your skin or scalp every month or so may be an option you want to consider. You might even be eligible to be treated with the topical versions. Rogaine is another popular choice for regrowing hair, as is Anthralin, a thick, tar-like ointment that may irritate and stain your skin. Another option is contact immunotherapy which causes an allergic reaction on your scalp that will promote hair growth. With any of these treatments, it’s important to get a professional medical opinion from your doctor before starting.

Even if you have alopecia, remember that it does not define you. You are beautiful the way you are. I know hair loss is so difficult to endure, but this will not be permanent and you have many options for handling it in a way that will make you feel better and stronger every day.

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