Join Princess Ella for a Tea Party

Ella looked at Molly and said, “Today I want to have a tea party with all my friends.” Molly thought this was a fantastic idea. First, I want to set up my table and chairs with my tea set and friends. She ran around her room gathering all of her stuffed animals to place around the table. “ I will have Puppy, Dollie Mary, My Unicorn and who else should I invite?” Ella announced. Molly suggested that she ask her favorite doll, Sally. Ella loved Sally because she was just like her. She was given this doll when she was born, and it has become her favorite doll! “That is a magnificent idea!” said Ella.

Ella looked all over the room for Sally. She could not find her. “Where could she be hiding?” Ella said with a worried look on her face. “Did you check your bed?” Replied Molly. Ella ran to her bed and looked under her covers. Sally was hiding under the blankets. “Why are you hiding here?” Ella asked Sally. Sally said to Ella, “I do not want to come to your tea party.” Ella was very hurt by what Sally said. “We are going to have a lot of fun,” said Ella trying to convince Sally to come. Sally looked up at Ella and said, “I do not have anything cute to wear!”

Ella picked Sally up and started comforting her, and she said, “Don’t worry Sally I will dress you just like me!” Let’s go over to my armoire and see what we can wear! Ella placed Sally next to Molly Mirror. She looked in her armoire for her Tea Party costume. She knew she had a beautiful dress and a matching outfit for Sally.

Molly was so happy to help Princess Ella and Sally get dressed. “I think I am going to wear my beautiful pink dress, the one with the fur on the bottom of it!” Ella exclaimed. Molly just nodded and suggested her pink feather hat and boa to go along with it. “Do you think I need to wear my white gloves too?” Ella asked Molly. Molly just smiled to see how excited Ella was! I will put the same exact costume on Sally.

After dressing Sally, she decided to give everyone around her table a beautiful hat and boa to wear. All her stuffed animals were so happy that Ella thought of them too! They all sat around the table talking and laughing. "What a glorious idea to have a tea party," Puppy said to Ella. They anxiously waited for Ella to pour the tea!

Ella looked at how beautiful all her friends looked. She welcomed all of them and told them that they were all very special to her. She began to pour tea and to her delight Nanny came into her room holding a tray of cookies and tea, which was really milk. What a beautiful day this is! I get to share cookies and milk with my friends and most of all to tell them that they are very special to me. Ella was so excited that she was having a real tea party with her friends. They all had such a wonderful time together!

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