The Creation Of A Bald Princess Ella The Enchanted Princess

Here is why and how Ella The Enchanted Princess was created.  She was created because of what I learned when I was going through the challenges of Breast Cancer. I found out what was really important in life and it was definitely not my hair. After losing my hair to Breast Cancer, I realized that Bald Is Beautiful and that being bald doesn't change who you are! I didn't hide my baldness, because I knew I was the same person with or without hair. It didn't make a difference to me if people stared. I knew who I was and I believed in myself.  When I did catch people whispering, it would make me very very sad.  I realized how mean people could be. I felt in my heart the heartache that children and adults must go through for being different!  This is when I realized that I had to help children and how they perceive themselves.  I decided to create a Bald Princess to set a precedent!  You don't need hair to be a beautiful!

The reason I created a bald princess is because every little girl looks up to the princess characters and want to be like them. This is not possible. All children are not the same. 

Fairytale princesses all look the same. They are thin, they have long flowing hair, big almond-shaped eyes and fair skin. They have full, pouty lips and they never have  smudged makeup or bad hair days. The only difference between any of the princesses out there was their hair color. Who really looks like that? Some little girls just can't relate to them because they don't feel they are pretty enough to be a princess. That’s why I decided that we need a bald princess. A princess that is just as beautiful as the rest. The only difference is that she has no hair. And she’s not ashamed to show it. She says no to wigs and hats and embraces what truly makes her beautiful.

I started with a little girls face that was sweet and innocent! I kept in mind all the little faces that are unique!  She is my creation.  What makes Ella unique is that she was created with lots of love.  All my emotions were poured into her to make her very special.  Everything she feels is a part of me.  My love for life and children are a part of her. I gave her big purple blue eyes, a button nose and pink heart shaped lips.  I love dressing her and having her set an example to Believe In Yourself!

Ella's beauty shines from within, making whatever is on the outside unimportant. Her brilliant heart full of love, her kindness to others that she gives freely because she knows what it’s like to be different and her unfailing hope are all her most precious gifts to those whose lives she embraces.

I didn’t wait for Disney to create a beautiful bald princess for all the bald little girls out there. I created her myself because I know what it is like to lose all your hair and have people stare at you. Her name is Ella The Enchanted Princess, and I think you’ll agree that she’s as beautiful as any other princess around. Why make all princesses the same when none of us are the same? Our differences should be celebrated because they are what make us all special and beautiful. Children are the most fragile creatures of all!  Ella The Enchanted Princess gives them the strength to keep fighting and helps them realize their own unique beauty to embrace wholeheartedly. 

Read about a very special little girl -  Ella The Enchanted Princess.  She was created because you don't need hair to be a princess.  She can be a role model for both boys and girls  around the world!  Many children can relate to Ella because she is different and it doesn't stop her from enjoying her life!  She is a bald princess that through her adventures she learns how beautiful she really is.  

I am writing a series on Ella The Enchanted Princess for everyone to enjoy.  Read Who Are You? my first book, to meet Ella and all the wonderful

characters  that help Ella through her adventures.

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