8-year-old Alex is bullied for his unusual disease — then bikers show them who’s the boss

Here’s an 8 year old who experienced something he won’t forget anytime soon. On Monday October 9th, he was escorted to school by hundreds of bikers in the city of Sherwood, Arkansas. The reason behind their extraordinary gesture is now being praised by hundreds — and it’s not hard to understand why. 

Alex Bruorton, an 8-year-old boy who lives with his family in Sherwood, has a very rare disease called Clove’s syndrome. The condition causes some parts of his face to overgrow. His mother, Nichole tells THV11 that kids had been bullying Alex so much because of the way he looks that he was no longer going to school and wanted to stay at home. 

Little did the bullies know that Alex’s mom has a lot of biker friends and it just happens that one of them found out about the bullying. He told the rest of the bikers about Alex’s story. A Parade

What started out as an idea to try and get Alex to get to school by a few of the guys giving Alex a ride on their motorcycle turned into a huge escort of hundreds of bikers, Jeeps — and even the local police. All of them were there just to make sure the 8-year-old got to school. How neat is that? “He had no idea. We’ve been only telling him that 20 or 30 people are coming,” Mom Nichole told THV11. “And we roll up and he’s looking out and standing up in the back seat and he’s like oh my god!” Some of the police officers in the North Little Rock Police Department later shared pictures of the event on the department’s Facebook page. 

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