The Ugly Christmas Tree Teaches Children how to Stand Up To Bullies

The Ugly Christmas Tree

Princess Ella is a brave little girl who learns many lessons through her great adventures. In this book she learns how to deal with bullying. I feel that bullying has become a major issue in our society today. I addressed bullying in this book by having Princess Ella face the bullies when she goes and picks out her Christmas Tree. She meets a friendly tree that is bullied by the majestic trees of the forest. Learn how she deals with the bullies and what she does to help Joey The Ugly Christmas Tree. This is a wonderful story for your children to learn how to deal with bullying.

This Christmas will be even more spectacular for Princess Ella. Nanny is letting her choose the Christmas Tree from the Christmas Tree Forest. But when Ella arrives to pick a tree, she hears someone in need of help. Ella and Nanny venture further into the Christmas Tree Forest to find out who is calling to them and why.

Through their journey, they help bring the light of the Christmas spirit to someone who needs it most of all. An adorable story that touches on manners, The Ugly Christmas Tree shows children the importance of being kind to one another and how building each other up with positive words and actions can change everything.

This story makes the perfect Christmas gift for every young child that has ever felt excluded as well as those that could use a lesson in kindness.

Most people you will meet will be nice. But there are some people in this world that won’t be. No matter how nice, smart or wonderful you are, these people you will meet will try to tear you down, even once you’re all grown up. These are the bullies of the world.

But don’t let their negativity destroy the life you will build up. The opinion of one person doesn’t matter though at the time, it might feel like it does. Especially if they convince others to gang up on you along with them.

When it feels like everyone is against you, it’s a very lonely and often terrifying feeling. You don’t have to endure it, at least not alone. If someone calls you names, ignore them and tell your teacher. Tell me too. Because I will help you raise your voice to be heard so we can put an end to it.

If someone physically hurts you, you must tell your teacher and me too because that’s not acceptable. I will make sure you are safe at school. Every student deserves a safe place to learn and thrive.

When you are all grown up though, you’ll still meet bullies in college, in your workplace and plenty of other places too. These people will only succeed if you allow them to steal your wind. Don’t. It’s important that you know how to stand up to a bully yourself because when you’re older, I can’t be there to intercede on your behalf.

So you might be wondering how to keep a bully from bothering you. To do that, you need to know why bullies act the way they do. Some of them come from families that exhibit bad behavior and set a poor example. You should feel sorry for them. They do not have the love that you have surrounding you. Others of them were taught better than that but are motivated by jealousy. Maybe they are jealous that you excel in a subject they don’t. Perhaps they wish they had your hair or clothes, or they are angry because their love interest likes you instead of them. Whatever their motivation though, remember that it’s THEIR problem, not yours.

Hold your head up high to bullies that you encounter in life. They seek a reaction from you, and if you don’t give them that satisfaction, they will find another target to bully. And even if no one ever bullies you in life, when you see someone else being bullied, help them. Be their friend. Help them tell the teacher. Share what you witnessed to help them stay safe. Be a good example in life and when you are, nothing you ever create can be destroyed by the bullies out there.

Joey and Ella hug while trees bully him.

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