Rosaria L. Calafati Partners with The Baldie Movement To Spread A Little Baldie Love

Rosaria L. Calafati is proud to announce her partnership with The Baldie Movement - a non-profit organization that celebrates, supports, and encourages bald women and children to love themselves more, without the need of hair.

Each year over 40,000 children will experience hair loss due to cancers or alopecia. The The Spread A Little Baldie Love Campaign focuses specifically on increasing the self-confidence of youth experiencing hair loss.

Our gifts of love features Rosaria Calafati’s books with bald characters, book bags from The B.A.L.D.I.E shop, and words of encouragement from our Youth Baldie Ambassadors. We have a special definition for B.A.L.D.I.E., and that’s Beauty and Love Demonstrated in Everything.

The purchase of this book sends $1 towards a child in need of A Little Baldie Love today.

Hair is like an accessory, whether you have it or not, it doesn't determine your beauty or your worth, YOU do!!

Nell Coleman

Founder/CEO,TheBaldie Movement

Did you know that B.A.L.D.I.E has a special meaning? Beauty and Love Demonstrated in Everything! That's right. You are beautiful! Just the way you are.


Kaila Boulware

Vice President, The Baldie Movement

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