Spreading Awareness About Baldness in Children through Literacy

We are proud to announce our partnership of "The Mystery of the Stolen Light" edited by Kaila Boulware, with Rosaria L Calafati, author and illustrator of Ella The Enchanted Princess.

Rosaria is a breast cancer survivor who realized that after losing her hair, being bald doesn't change who you are! She didn't hide her baldness because she knew she was the same person with or without hair. With this thought in mind, she created Ella, because she knew this wasn't the same journey for our youth and adults, facing hair loss. Here's her story below.

"I poured all my feelings of how it feels to be different and live in a world with people staring at you. As I was going through the many challenges of Breast Cancer, losing my hair was the one I conquered. I never wore wigs or hats to hide behind. I would wake up every morning put on my lipstick and face the day. After losing my hair to Breast Cancer, I realized that Bald Is Beautiful and that being bald doesn't change who you are! I didn't hide my baldness because I knew I was the same person with or without hair. It didn't make a difference to me if people stared. I knew who I was and I believed in myself. When I did catch people whispering, it would make me very very sad. I realized how mean people could be. I felt in my heart the heartache that children and adults must go through for being different! Understanding this feeling was when I realized that I had to help children and how they perceive themselves. I decided to create a Bald Princess to set a precedent! You don't need hair to be beautiful! The reason I created a bald princess is that every little girl looks up to a princess' character and wants to be like them. All children are not the same, so I concluded that all princesses should not be the same." Learn more about Rosaria and Ella here.

Our Spread A Little Baldie Love Campaign focuses specifically on increasing the self-confidence of youth experiencing hair loss. With your donation of $10, we can continue to send gifts of love to our Little Baldies. We will ensure that each child receives a book with bald characters, book bags from The B.A.L.D.I.E shop, and words of encouragement from our Youth Baldie Ambassadors. Last year, we sent gifts to over 20 different states and 5 different countries. To learn more about our campaign, Click Here

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