Baldies Rule Club Where Children Use Their Creativity To Share Their Feelings

I want to share my new group that I started on Facebook - Baldies Rule Club. I started this club for baldies all over the world. There are many groups on Facebook that are support groups where people seek support. I wanted to create a hands on group where you can express yourself through your creativity.

I know that all kinds of creative things can help when you are feeling anxious or low. They can also increase your confidence and make you feel happier. Activities or hobbies such as writing, singing, painting, cooking, playing an instrument, photography, knitting, and gardening can absorb your attention so much that you forget all other negative thoughts. Experiment until you find something that suits you and your child. People who tap into their creativeness can accomplish amazing things and sometimes develop talents they never knew they had. Whatever activity you choose, being creative will bring you enjoyment and fulfillment.

I wanted to create a group where children have the freedom to express themselves through their art and stories. I would like the parents to help their child to express themselves and use their creativity! They can draw, paint, create pictures of expressing their good or bad days. Please share on Baldies Rule Club.

I know the children would love to see other children's art and hear their stories too! I feel through the art they can relate to each other. This will be a great place where parents can talk to each other too! We are a closed group and only members can share with other children and help each other out.

I plan on having monthly projects for the children. I want to share motivational projects they can do. I will create PDF of activities that you can download to boost their self-esteem. After they complete their projects you can share in the Baldies Rule Club.

I want this group to be a fun group for children. Let them know that they are very unique and talented. I don't want to dwell on the negative part of this horrible disease, I want parents to pump their child's imagination and have them create a picture of themselves and why they are very special! Let them draw a picture of them and Princess Ella or Leo & Lucas on an adventure. Let's share some fabulous work!

Your children will have the opportunity to write Ella The Enchanted Princess or Leo & Lucas! Your child can share their stories, or write to them personally and they will personally reply to them. By creating these character, who are like them, I hope to help children who are going through the challenges of alopecia, cancer or any other challenges they may face. Please join this group if you have a child that is a baldie or if you are a baldie.

I also feel that adults can benefit from using their creativity too!

I want you to share your stories and how you conquer the challenges of alopecia. Through creativity I want your children to share how they feel. I want this group to be a club for you and your children to share their drawings, stories, feelings with Ella the Enchanted Princess and Leo & Lucas. I created Ella and Leo for your children to relate to and hopefully through my writing and illustrations I can help build their self-esteem.

Always Believe In Yourself and Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

This is Liana Saleah. I met this amazing little girl when I read for her and a wonderful group of children. Liana is a very light hearted little girl who is very loving and caring. She is 6 years old and goes to Kindergarten. Liana loves crafts and coloring.

She is a very talented little girl. She drew this beautiful picture of herself. You can see that Liana is a very confident little girl! She was not afraid of drawing herself with no hair. This beautiful drawing shows her confidence in herself.

I would love to see more drawings like the one Liana created on Baldies Rule Club. Join Today!

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