Sand Volcano - Fun Beach Activity

Making a sand volcano is tons of fun for kids!

You can easily set this activity up at the beach or right in your sand box. My grandchildren had a blast making sand volcanoes at the beach this year!

You only need a few common materials for this activity, making it really easy to set up when traveling.


  • Sand

  • A Sand Bucket, or solo cups, or a plastic quart container

  • Baking soda

  • White Vinegar

  • Optional: food coloring


All you have to do to form the volcano is take a beach bucket and pack sand up and around it. Continue adding sand until the bucket is fully covered and the desired shape is formed. The bucket makes the perfect core, and you most likely always have one on hand when playing in the sand or visiting the beach. I have found that using a solo cup or a quart container produces the perfect volcano shape.

My grandchildren filled their quart container which acted as the core 3/4 of the way with sand so that it would take less baking soda and vinegar to make it fully erupt. Then it was time to PLAY! I gave them each a measuring cup filled with vinegar. Add up to a cup of baking soda to the volcano, pour in the desired amount of vinegar.

Then it was time to PLAY! Add up to a cup of baking soda to the volcano, pour in the desired amount of vinegar, and then .......

The most amazing sand volcano will quickly bubble over and erupt right before your eyes!

My grandchildren made their volcano erupt over and over again..... until we were out of vinegar.

This is one of my favorite activities to set up for the grandchildren during our beach vacation. It only takes a moment, and the fun they get out if it makes me smile for days.

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