Children Are Precious and Innocent

Childhood i the most beautiful of all life's seasons

Today I heard of a little girl named Jess that gained her angel wings. She has been battling cancer and has slowly given up her fight. She now has her wings and is free to fly with the angels. I think the hardest thing for any parent is to accept is the death of a child. As a mom my heart goes out to this family.

After hearing this news, I wanted to share my thoughts on how precious and innocent your children really are! Everyone should learn from their children. They were born with a clean slate. They are truly innocent. As a parent you have to start filling the slate with positive wisdom. Always try molding your child to be the best he/she can be. Your attitude is everything.

Children are a product of you! What you teach them is who they become. Your house is their safe haven where they can be themselves. Keep it warm and loving. Always show them love. Keep your house filled with love, music, art, laughter and warmth. Childhood is the most important time to teach them manners, right from wrong and being individuals. They are sponges and will absorb all that they see!

Talk with your children from day one! Tell them they are beautiful and very special! Sing to them and dance! Read fairy tales to them. Even though they are babies and you think they don’t understand, they do! Mold your baby to be happy and loving! I love arts and crafts! Start creating with them at a very early age! Even though they can't create at an early age, you create for them. Show them color and an appreciation for art! Cook or bake and let your house be filled with delicious smells! Love and enjoy every minute with you children!

Children are often considered the most precious and valuable gifts for parents. They are loved by their parents with all their heart. No matter how a child is, parents never stop caring for them. A Parent’s love for their child can never be duplicated by anyone else.

This is the purest and unconditional type of love. Parents are willing to sacrifice anything for their children.

Besides love, a healthy relation and good communication is needed between parent and child to keep the love alive between them. Father and mother are the first two people a child sees when he/she is born. Parents are the very first teachers for a child. They should not only be their guardian, but also are supposed to be that best friend for their child.

All a relationship needs is to have a good understanding, and ample communication. It helps children to grow properly. What a child learns and is treated in his or her childhood can be reflected in their older age as they grow up.

If a child never has a good relation or communication with his or her parent it affects in his/her future and that child later on continues to reflect to treat his/her child the same way he/she was treated. I feel that children are the most precious gift in the world always keep them safe from harm! You don’t know what the future holds for your children, but live in the present and enjoy every minute with them!

My thoughts for this morning! Have a great day!



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