Rosaria L. Calafati Sponsors CAP Kids by Donating 10% of Royalties from Sales from Baldies Rule ZAZZ

My name is Rosaria L. Calafati, and I created Princess Ella and Leo & Lucas and wrote and illustrated a series of books to show how Ella and Leo conquer their fears. I wrote these books to inspire children and teach them that they are beautiful in their unique way!

Children have a special place in my heart, and through my books, I hope to teach children to believe in themselves! My love for children inspired me to add Ella and Leo & Lucas to products so they can have a daily reminder of how fabulous they are.

Children have always been my life, and I always am positive and want to motivate them to be happy with who they are. I created this shop because I wanted to give children products that they can relate to. I want them to know that they are not different from anyone else. Being different is normal, there are no two people alike, so that makes everyone different. I want to teach them to believe that they are a masterpiece a work of art! God's creation. Just because they don't have hair that does not make them different. There are children who have blonde hair, red hair, black hair, no hair. You were created the way you are because you are you! I know you probably want to be like your friends but then you become a copy. Copies are a dime a dozen, but being you makes you a masterpiece. A work of art which is worth a fortune. Don't ever trade who you are for being someone else.

You Are A Masterpiece

I offer positive sayings and here at my shop you can customize any product. I offer you custom designs to encourage children that they are beautiful no matter what. If you don't see something you like, please email me: and I will be more than happy to create one for you.

I am also proud to announce that I am sponsoring Children's Alopecia Project by donating a $1.00 from the sales of my books and 10% of royalties from sales from my Baldies Rule ZAZZLE Shop.

Building self-esteem, providing support and raising awareness of the currently incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, Alopecia.

CAP is a federally tax-exempt 501c3 Non-profit organization. EIN# 02-0729983

CAP is changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence

– Jeff Woytovich, Founder

Children’s Alopecia Project

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