Rosaria L. Calafati Donates Books To Team Cure

I was contacted by Lindsey Pacios who asked me if I would donate some of my books to Team Cure. She told me they create care packages to give to children who are facing the challenges of cancer. I didn't even think twice I said yes. I sent them copies of Who Are You? Ella The Enchanted Princess and Leo & Lucas The Magic Sword to share with these beautiful children.

I want to share a little about this amazing group.

Team Cure is a group of teens who give Care Packages full of toys to kids fighting Cancer.

Team Cure was founded by Lindsey Pacios on August 30, 2016 when Lindsey was 12 years old, now 15 and our Co Founder, Emily age 15, continue giving joy to kids with Cancer.

​The reason we raise awareness for Childhood Cancer especially is because Childhood Cancer only get 4% funding from the government and there has been no new treatments for Childhood Cancers for more than 30 years. Childhood Cancer needs to stop being put off, ignored and sugar coated.

Join the movement against Childhood Cancer.

1 in every 285 kids will be diagnosed with Cancer Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease for kids 43 children a day are diagnosed with Cancer in the USA Only 4% of Cancer research funding goes to Childhood Cancer Cancer is Diagnosed in 175,000 children worldwide in a year.

"Help us grow our number of smiles sent, donate to Team Cure today!"


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