A Child Needs Her Mother’s Support More Than Anything Else

To All Mother's:

It is imperative that you show your support to your child. When they are infants to toddlers, all they need is their mother’s help. During this time of their lives, it is important to build their self-worth. Always encourage them to do new things. If they want to do something different, let them try to do it. When they fail, assist them to understand that it wasn't a mistake but a lesson they had to learn. Always motivate them to try again even if they did not succeed. Teach your child that they should never give up on anything. By being persistent, it will make them stronger!

Don’t dismiss their opinions. Even children have opinions. If you think they are wrong, sit them down and tell them why you think their views are wrong. Try to explain right from wrong. Sometimes you have to let them make a wrong decision; this will prepare them to become a better person. Always be there when they fall to pick up the pieces.

Always remember scolding is not a good solution. The more you scold your kids, the more they will withdraw from talking to you. They will not share things with you and turn to friends instead. Speak to your child in a way that they can confide in you, and build a trust in you. Remember to tell them that with every wrong decision they make, there are consequences to pay. A bad decision can't go unpunished but explaining why and how they could have made a better decision is crucial. Children need to be taught and guided at a very young age.

Communication is the key to a good relationship with you children. If you keep talking with your child about things, it will give them a feeling of support. They will come and tell you what they want to do and what they think. Sometimes their friends will laugh at their decision, but you should not. You should listen and guide them so that they will succeed.

If you laugh at them too, it will hurt their self-esteem! Don't damage your child's self-worth. Try to build them up when they are young. The use of positive words is very critical to building your children's self-esteem. When you choose harsh words, this will bruise your children's self-esteem. Once the harsh words are said, they will remain with your child through life. Then trying to rebuild your children's self-esteem will become harder. On the other hand, if you listen to them with undivided attention and support them, they will always come to you for advice. Always remember you are not your child's friend but their Mother. You are there to guide them to become better individuals. Keep your status with your kids. They have to respect you too!

Read children's fairytale story books to them. Fairy tales are a great way to give your child examples of how to accomplish tasks and never give up. They build character, and your kids will take inspiration from the fairy tale characters.

Support from a mother is necessary for every child. If parents are supportive of a child, they will become active individuals! Every child needs to know that their mom is there to hold them even if they make a mistake, no matter what age. If you don’t support them, they will always feel insecure even if they achieve greatness. Children always look to their mom for approval. Always be supportive of your children's decisions. It is imperative for you to make them feel that you will always be there for them, no matter what! If you think they are going down a wrong path, don’t yell and criticize them. Sit your child down and explain to them why you think they are wrong. Explain why you want to stop your child from making their decision. Listen to why they want to make this decision. Together come up with a better solution. Always explain that there are consequences when they make the wrong choice. Remember always explain. Be determined and forceful but not unkind. Children have feelings too! Give them reasons as to why you think it’s wrong for them and how together you will come up with a better choice. Children are not dumb; they will understand and listen to you. But if you scream at them, they will become stubborn.

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