Bald Women for a Cause

A set of healthy hair is always the first thing that indicates beauty and attractiveness in a woman. This is why the hair care products business is a multi million dollar industry that doesn't look like weakening anytime soon. This just goes to prove society's vanity over their hair, specifically the women. This statement is not a judgment, rather an observation as to the extent of how women value their hair which in turn leads to the point how a woman losing her hair intentionally could become a ridiculous decision in the eyes of everybody else. In short, bald women would seem strange to most people. But, what most people do not realize is that voluntary baldness could be for a greater purpose after all.

Normally, any self-respecting woman would cringe at the thought of walking out her door to expose herself to ridicule because of a really bad haircut. Imagine how it would be if she had to go outside bald. But, it could be more than just bearable if it were for a higher purpose. Indeed, baldness can be an honorable form of charity. Bald women sacrificing their vanity to help out other people, such as cancer victims, regain just even half a portion of their self esteem takes a lot of courage.

Several organizations hold fund raising events to donate their hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients who have lost theirs. Providing wigs made from real hair from people who really cared enough to give them up, would go a long way to at least help out cancer patients get through their ordeal.For these bald women to give up their comfort zones is truly brave and commendable. It also reminds society what it is like to be human and at least once a year, think of helping people other than themselves. If you're considering of doing the same, you can go online and search for the steps you can take to help you in this unselfish decision.

Baldness can be caused by illness or chemotherapy, to name a few causes. But, slowly through the years a new breed of bald women are making themselves heard and seen by going against the grain. These women, consciously and voluntarily give up their traditional views of beauty that emphasized more on how they look from the outside. By cutting off their hair and going bald, they are also helping the world focus on the beauty that can be found within.

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