Boosting a Child's Self-Esteem

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

It is normal for children to feel either good or bad about themselves. Self-esteem among children boosts them for success and helps them try out new challenges, deal with mistakes and also take pride in their accomplishments. Children with low self-esteem avoid challenges and block their success in their life.

Self-esteem is a product of a child feeling accepted, capable, and worthy. Self-esteem is a virtue that you can develop in a child over time. But how can you exactly nurture the self-esteem of a child?

Avoid Harsh Criticism:

Whatever message you speak to you child molds their character. Use polite words and when criticizing do it gently to avoid demotivating the child. Bad or negative messages to your child makes them feel bad and also act in a likewise manner.

Celebrate the Strengths:

It is important to take note of the good things your child does. Pay attention to the particular strengths and provide opportunities for the child to improve on those strengths. Praising and nurturing your child’s strengths makes a child feel good about themselves.

Become a Role Model:

Children learn from the people around them and the least you can do is to become a role model in expressing self-esteem. Let your child know and see that you feel good about yourself and you will be the perfect example they will want to emulate.

Acknowledge Mistakes as Learning Opportunities:

Mistakes are good experiences to learn and become better. When your child does a mistake, call them and show them what wrong they have done and how they can correct that. This will help them rise after doing mistakes.

Teach them New Things:

Kids learn different things at the various stages of their life. Teach your child to do different things according to their age. When teaching them, offer help at first and offer them the opportunities to keep doing what they learn.

Remind them of your Love:

Constantly remind your child that you love them unconditionally. This will mean that no matter the good or bad they do, their parent will always be there for them. This will boost their self-esteem as you will be a tower they will run to no matter the circumstance.

The issues that a child goes through as they grow will have an impact on the child’s self-esteem. He/she may struggle socially or even academically. Do all you can in your capacity to ensure that your child’s self-esteem is never interfered and is always on top of the game.

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