Children are Precious and Bring Us Much Blessings

Being an adult in today's world is very trying. We have to be serious in all we do and decide. We have become robots and forgotten how to live. We work hard ... and forget to relax. We are mere players on the stage of life, but we approach every day as if we were the cast of a tragedy play. We have forgotten how to just let go and live. Fortunately, there are small blessings in life that help to bring out the inner child in us. All children help us to let go and enjoy the day rather than endure it. Children are so innocent that they have the power to teach us to relax. They teach us to play. They are here to keep us young and alive and not wrapped up in everyday blahs.

Now that we have become the adults, and have goals and responsibilities, we should never forget that children are precious. Children look at things differently. They see things in a different light. Their curiosity makes them ask questions that may seem very simple to us, but enhance their very lives once they have the answers. We should learn to be like that. We should enrich our lives with questions that are bigger than ourselves. We should seek the answers with a childlike curiosity and spend more time observing the world rather than criticizing it.

Give children clay, crayons or a paintbrush. Watch them create a picture. Some of their artistic creations are beyond words and meaning to us. But ask the child what he has made. His answer and explanation is a testament to the daring of a child who risked his vision of life. Such courage! Ask an adult to draw a dog and ... listen to his excuses.

Children are children. They do not need to be hypocrites. They do not need to feign emotions. They do not need to live a lie. They trust. They believe. They love unconditionally because they're in touch with their heart. Show me an adult who is open to faith and who loves with the compassion of a child.

As adults we need to appreciate the blessings children bring. They are the ones who remind us of what is important and what matters most. Unfortunately in a world where many people cannot have children, there are those who can, but do not appreciate the gift of life. Parents neglect their responsibilities and pursue their own selfish desires.

It's at home where their education starts. It's at home where values are instilled. What needs to be remembered is that children differ. No two children are exactly alike. And treating them the same would be an injustice because each child is unique and has a right to be respected and recognized as an individual.

During the first few years of their lives, their ability to learn is influenced by their parents. Parents who spend time with their children, talking to them and praising them, and even responding to their questions, will find that their children grow up with an advantage above those whose parents have little time for them. And while the latter part of that sentence seems unjust, it's a fact of life. Not all parents give their young ones the love and attention they rightfully deserve.

Children bring blessings. Parents need to be aware of these little ones and keep looking out for them. And if you're a parent reading this article, ask yourself: Am I cultivating a wholesome relationship with my child, one that emphasizes positive values, building him/her up? If you are, keep up the good work. You're helping him become a balanced adult with a purpose in life.


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