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Updated: Feb 22, 2020


According to Wikipedia, ‘A superhero is a heroic stock character, typically possessing supernatural or superhuman powers, who is dedicated to fighting the evil of their universe, protecting the public, and battling super-villains.’

Usually, a superhero has a recognizable costume and sometimes a mask, has a code name, and sometimes a potent weapon they use to help them defend themselves. Superheroes may be regular people who lead an ordinary life. They may even be unpopular among their peers, yet in their magical form of superhero, they become very famous, and everyone looks up to them.When their city or other people need help, these ordinary people turn into superheroes.


Considering all of the above is one of the reasons why I created Leo, a children’s fairy tale superhero. Leo & Lucas is a new kind of children’s fairy tale superhero in children’s stories. Although both Leo & Lucas are different in so many ways, it’s a story about caring, friendship, and doing the right thing. This incredible tale speaks to the heart of children in finding love and compassion with friends no matter how different they might be.

The image of such a hero serves as a self-esteem booster for thousands of kids and teenagers. Leo & Lucas help kids who do not feel secure among their peers and grown-ups. At the specific time in life, pretty much every kid goes through this stage of establishing himself or herself as an individual, so many positive images as children’s fairy tale superhero might be of great assistance.

Leo is bald and very clumsy looking. He leads a very sheltered life safe from the outside world. After finding Lucas in the mountains, his whole life changes. His father knew that he was ready to unleash the power of The Magic Sword. He gave his son this wooden sword as a child, but he knew one day it would give him extraordinary power. Leo and Lucas are children’s fairy tales’ superheroes. They help to save the Enchanted Forest from Evil. They accept each other for being different. Together they can do great things!

There might also be another reason that we need Leo & Lucas to emerge as a child superhero—to give children a role model so they can follow. Young kids need to have role models they feel a connection with, and Leo & Lucas are an excellent example of how it’s OK (and even great!) to be different from others. When you give the gift of Leo & Lucas, you’re giving the gift of self-confidence, compassion, and friendship.

Leo & Lucas are newcomers in children’s fairy tale’s superheroes that are here to stay!

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