Children's Story - Ella The Enchanted Princess Who Are You?

In a beautiful kingdom hidden beyond the Enchanted Forest lived a young princess named Ella. Ella was different from other princesses in that she is a bald princess. For this reason, she often tried to hide her head with scarves and headbands. She also avoided mirrors, because she was afraid of what she might see.

Ella dreams of one day exploring the Enchanted Forest or even journeying behind the secret majestic doors of the castle. To do that, though, she must pass through the Grand Hall, covered in dreaded mirrors! The mirrors are the guardians of the castle, so they will not let anyone pass unless they are recognized.

One day, Ella has an idea. She will wear elaborate costumes to try to pass the mirrors. However, the mirrors don’t recognize the princess ,so she is forced to run and hide in her room. Why don’t the mirrors recognize her, and what will Ella have to do to leave the castle and explore? She must learn to accept herself, a bald princess, to get past the mirrors and see herself for the beautiful girl she is.

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