Developing Your Child's Creative Imagination

By reading Ella The Enchanted Princess Series, new children's fairy tales, you will see how I teach children how to use their creative imagination. You may be curious about how I achieve this? I created Princess Ella as a bald princess in a children's fairy tale setting to help children to develop their creative imagination. Her hair did not grow because she has a vast imagination. Ella learns how to believe in herself in Who Are You? She learns how to use her creative vision to help her with her other adventures.

I feel that children should have a creative imagination. Creative imagination is more than just an active imagination. Princess Ella has a fantastic active imagination. She like to pretend to be a character in the books that Nanny reads to her. She loves to play make-believe with her toys. Most children do have an active imagination. Feed your child's imagination with costumes; they are an excellent way for children to play the roles in many fairy tale books they read. Playing pretend is also a unique way to feed their imaginations. Kids naturally appreciate the power of imagination. They are always creating stories, drawing pictures, and playing imaginary games. It will help if you encourage your kids to keep doing this even as they grow up.

Pablo Picasso said: "Everyone starts off as an artist. The trick is staying that way."

Always teach your children to have fun. Fun implies a sense of playfulness. Playfulness suggests a sense of creativity, a sense of messing around, changing things, and experimenting! Teach your children to be creative and have fun!

A crucial ability is to be able to imagine things in your mind! It doesn't have to involve much creativity! Children usually act out situations that they are familiar with or read in books. Playing pretend is a large part of the creative imagination. Your child can create their own fantasy world full of all the exciting things that many people want to do.

Princess Ella learns how to develop her creative imagination through her adventures in her books. Princes Ella faces many obstacles that force her to imagine a better situation creatively. Ella learns to build her ability not just to imagine things, but to imagine original things. It is seeing things that others don't understand and coming up with new ideas. Watch your child develop their creative imagination when you play with them. Listen to how they change a story or come up with a new way of saving the princess. Anything added to their situation that changes the story line is your child using their creative ability to solve the problems they face.

As Princess Ella learns, different surroundings can also encourage your creativity. In each of her books, she has to face different surroundings and challenges. Her creative imagination gets her through all of the obstacles that she faces. You will notice that when your child's surroundings change, their creative imagination also changes. In school, they may use their creative vision to find a better way to solve problems, and they may imagine a better bicycle, a faster car, or a better game.

We are all born with an imagination. Make sure your children use theirs and watch the boundaries of their lives expand. When children use their imagination, they will be able to contribute more to school, sports, and all their activities. Let them create a better world for themselves by using their imagination. Imagination Is Real Magic!

Einstein said:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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