It's Okay To Be Different

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Ella The Enchanted Princess - Bald Princess - It's Okay To Be Different

I see you every morning. I see you question your choice of clothes and what to put on your head. I see you hoping with every move you make, you are fitting in to a group you’re really not sure you want to be a part of. But the one group you don’t want to be a part of is the one that stands out from the crowd. You’re worried that there, you’ll find ridicule and embarrassment. It’s much easier this way to stay the course and look and act like some manufactured ideal of what people think you should be.

Let me save you the trouble. It’s not okay to change yourself from who you are to fit in. When you do that, you’re denying the world of something very special…YOU! There is nothing fun in having everything the same. If our world were full of the same people, there would be no doctors or bus drivers. We would all dress the same! What’s fun about that?

Be you. Stand out from the crowd. Don’t make it your mission to be as eccentric as possible, but do not ever be afraid to be you. To wear that shirt because you love it. Because it fulfills your idea of what style should be. Don’t choose everything that everyone else does just to fit in. Only choose it if you truly like it.

Growing up, I remember liking a band that none of my friends liked. I didn’t care that they didn’t like the same music as me. By being honest with my friends and myself about what I really liked, it opened the door for conversations about music with each other to learn more about our interests. I was so happy that instead of pretending I liked something, I chose to express myself. When I did, I found that people liked me more because I was myself.

Do you want friends just to have friends or do you want friends that like you for the unique and amazing person you are? I wanted real friends, and I think that’s what you want too. Be your own person because that is the person good and genuine people will be attracted to. Those are the only kind of people worth having in your life.

Pretending to be something you’re not is more work than just being you. So be you. Because you do that the best. It’s okay to be different because it is who you are. It’s natural to compare yourself to others. But just remember, someone is looking at you and wishing they had your clothes or something that you want to change about yourself.

Being who you are is the best way to live the happiest life possible and the best way to get just what you need out of life.

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