Melting Snowman Ornament for Christmas In July

We celebrated Christmas in July on our beach vacation this year. I set up a lighted palm tree and had my grandkids make ornaments for the tree:

Melting Snowman Ornament

Step 1: Cut a 6" length of string; use a paper clip for hook.

Step 2: Lay a piece of nonstick foil on your work surface; place the paper clip on the foil.

Step 3: Cut a 3/4" piece of orange chenille stem and fold in half - this will be the snowman's nose or you can use an acrylic black gem.

Step 4: Start squeezing hot glue over the paper clip leaving the top loop extending above the glue. Keep squeezing hot glue until you have approximately 2" round blob of glue. Allow the glue to create a drippy effect since your snowman is supposed to be melting.

Step 5: While glue is still hot, place two ends of orange chenille stem or black gem in center of snowman to create nose.

Step 6: Place two blue (or color of your choice) beads above the nose to create eyes.

Step 7: Place five black beads below nose in an arc to create mouth.

Step 8: Allow glue to cool and harden, then place snowman in freezer for a couple of hours - this will make it easier to peel off the foil.

All ornaments were purchased on Oriental Trading

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