Princess Ella Teaches Children To Never Give Up

One of the most important things that a child needs to know is to never give up. A growing child is always learning about new things in life and sometimes the things that they may come across are not so pleasant. They even may encounter something that may cause sadness. Instead of brushing their feelings aside and pretending that things will be alright on their own, you should take a proactive step to talk about what happened. You will need to make them understand the changes that are taking place around them so that they may be able to grow up into a fine young woman and men. One of the first things that you have to be is patient. Remember your child is your princess or prince, one who goes to sleep every night dreaming about the Enchanted Forest and other fairy tale characters in them. So you need to pay a lot of attention to what they do and what they share with you. There may be incidents that may be traumatic for such a young mind but appear to be completely normal to you. You have to understand that they have never come across this before in their life and are not sure what to do with it. If you are patient and willing enough, they will eventually open up to you. While explaining things to them, do not use big words or words that they have not heard of before. Use words that they are comfortable with. A good way is to use words that they have come across in Fairytale stories that you read to them and they have grown to love over time. A very effective method is to use explain things by narrating it to them in the form of children's stories. So that what you are about to say is easily understandable to them and also stays with them for a very long time.

There are times that children may come up to you with questions. Like why did why did in one of her fairytale stories, the naughty character was not nice or why was ogre being mean to the princess. Instead of brushing away these questions, you should take it as an opportunity to make her understand some of the basic lessons of life and also satisfy her curiosity. Remember, if you don’t answer her questions, she will become less inquisitive, which is not a good sign.

Always encourage her to ask more questions and try answering as many of her questions as possible. This enables her to understand what is going around her and to make differences which are necessary for the growth of their mind. Help her to me more at a tune with the world around her by giving answers that she asks and also make sure that she is being able to understand what is being said to her. If you feel that you have somehow complicated the answer and she is not able to understand. Do not be afraid to simplify and repeat what you want to say. This way you will become her best friend and closest confidante.

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