Reading to Your Child: Why it’s Important for Inspiring Creativity

Technology has made it possible for us to access in an instant. However, it also is responsible for the downfall of more wholesome activities. One prime example is reading. Somehow, it seems to have become less important to the newer generation and it’s up to us to change all that.

Instead of camping your children out in front of the TV, sit them down and read to them. Start early, even from your child’s first days of life. Recent studies have shown that children in the womb can learn to recognize the words we say. So make those words count by reading to your child.

Read to your child every single day. You don’t have to read the entire Harry Potter series. Even spending ten minutes a day reading to your child has a bounty of benefits. Even if your child hasn’t yet uttered her first word, she will begin to glean what things mean based on the pictures she sees. She will start to understand different situations and the relationships between people. She’ll learn words that will build the foundation for her vocabulary. Reading powers your child’s ever-growing brain, which soaks up everything you teach them like a sponge.

Reading to your child boosts their creativity too. As the mind learns about new things, settings and situations, your child will be able to dream up interesting scenarios all her own. Maybe she’ll tell you her own story, draw you a picture, or use her imagination with her toys to explore new possibilities. Reading opens doors to the mind that can never be shut.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more reading time with your child each day is to do it without fail at bedtime. Let your child enjoy it even more as she gets bigger by allowing her to choose the books she wants you to read. You’ll notice if you read to your child at other times when she’s fussy or bored, it will soothe her and help her relax which another beautiful benefit that reading brings.

Books don’t need to cost a lot of money. You can find second-hand books that are still in good condition in consignment shops for up to 95% less than new. You can also borrow them for free from your local library. Most libraries have a children’s story time activity. Visit your local library branch and ask the librarians about programs for children. They’ll be delighted to help you give the gift of reading to your child. It’s a gift your child will truly treasure for a lifetime.

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