The Secret World of Imagination

Imagine you are an Astronaut!

Imagination is essential to children's lives. When you read a children's book, they can imagine all the characters, the enchanted forest, the mysterious lands, and oceans. There is no boundary in imagination. You can go to the farthest corner of the world; you can dance in the enchanted forest with Ella or fly in Leo's skies. You can be anything you want to be in your imagination. I give children the chance to use their imagination while reading Ella The Enchanted Princess or Leo & Lucas. I create Gift Sets, which include a small costume of the main character to dress up while their parents read to them. Imagination is critical. While dressing up and reading, it enables the child to experience the adventures that Princess Ella and Leo & Lucas go on. Do you know why it is essential to imagine? Because it gives you the power to create.some of my Gift Sets, I include crafts related to my stories. With these crafts, they get to use their hands and minds to develop their imagination. They get to use the arts to dance with the trolls or save the fairies. I feel if you can imagine, then only you will be able to create a new thing. You can express your imagination through painting, you can write poems, and you can sing songs also. All artists imagine, and then only they can create the most beautiful things. I want children to think outside the box and know that they are beautiful inside and out by creating and using their imagination. Reading fairy tale stories gives you the wing of imagination. And imagination gives you the courage to do new things. Look at Princess Ella. She loves reading the children's stories, and then she imagines that she is flying away to those imaginary lands of the book. She dresses up like the fairy tale characters. She imagines herself to be one of them. It makes her happy and cheerful. If you can close your eyes and imagine you are standing near a sea, try to draw it on paper and see how beautiful it becomes. Imagination is the source of all the creations in the world. God also imagined this world before creating it and look at how beautiful the world is. Play with your imaginations. The more you read, the more doors of dreams will open in front of you. Because the writers of the books had also imagined the characters, that's why they could create them. If you imagine, you will also be able to make your world. And see, your world of imagination will be so much more beautiful than the real one. If you don't imagine, you will never know how to create something new. You will get stuck in the old structured way of doing things. Once you create something, it will give you the sheer amount of joy that you accomplished something, and you can live in that place that makes you happy. As you grow old, you will be more connected to reality, but you should always remember that your imagination can make this reality more beautiful. Your dream can turn a normal thing into something extraordinary. If you imagine a better tomorrow, your present will be fantastic. So keep imagining. Keep reading. Nothing can stop you from imagining that the world will be more beautiful in the future. Always remember if you reach for your dream, then you will accomplish it. If you don't imagine it, it will never happen!

Anything Can Happen Child, Anything Can Be!

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