Why Stop Balding When You Can Embrace It!

I know what you're thinking. For a woman to embrace balding would take a level of optimism usually reserved for hyper two-year-old. Women affected by hair loss are always looking for a solution, for a way to go back to the way things were and pretend nothing ever happened. There are hundreds of creams, shampoos and medications designed to reverse the effects of balding, few of which actually work.

I remember as a child, one cold winter day shivering as I walked down the road with my mother to the store. She said to me, "Why shiver when you can embrace the cold?" As soon as I relaxed, the shivers went away and, although the cold persisted, it no longer consumed me. I learned that day that the world will always have coldness, but it is how we choose to perceive it and deal with it that makes all the difference.

First of all, I'd like to note some examples of beautiful women who have willfully chosen to go hairless. Sinead O'Connor is the perfect example of a gorgeous woman who does not need hair to stay divine. Demi Moore shaved her head for G.I. Jane and remained sexy and mysterious. The widely publicized baldness of Britney Spears shook the media and brought more acceptance to this style that, for some, is a conscious choice and for others a way to accept their hair loss.

Why is it better to embrace hair loss rather than fight it? Simply put, it is near impossible to stop balding. Most hair loss is affected by hormones, genetics or illnesses and it cannot be reversed. Although Rogaine and hair transplants may be options for some women, for most they will provide only limited assistance. Sporting the bald look is nothing new and has been done by many celebrities and women all over the world. It is a natural alternative to all other remedies. Unlike a wig, which is artificial, baldness is a variation of beauty that does not involve hiding behind society's image of beauty. The constant drive to stop balding in affected women is actually unnecessary.

The personal benefits are a sense of confidence and self-assurance. Sure, it will take some time to adjust to how people tend to react to anyone who is different, but in the end a feeling of uniqueness will overcome any shyness. After all, plenty of women are pierced and tattooed. These women do it to have a look that is their own by crafting a combination of elements that creates their personal style that is theirs alone and cannot be found duplicated exactly on anyone else.

You do not need to stop balding to have sex appeal. Sex appeal is something that our society attaches to certain body parts being a certain size. That is not what sex appeal is at all. Being sexy is about confidence and strength. What other feat is sexier than that of a woman overcoming the great burden of losing her hair by adopting a positive attitude and coming out the other side beautiful inside and out? The answer is nothing. There is absolutely nothing sexier than vitality and courage.

Hair loss in women can be a difficult thing to deal with.

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