You Are Beautiful, No Matter What! - Princess Ella Role Model

Dear Ella,

I know that sometimes you look at the kids around you and you feel different. My precious, beautiful bald princess, you were born with no hair. You think people look at you differently and you don't feel beautiful.

I am going to tell you a secret today, and that you can always remember. This secret will make you smile when you are feeling down. You are a beacon of hope, to all those kids out there in the world who have alopecia, or have lost their hair to battling cancer and to the children who feel different and not accepted. Whenever they are sad, they will think about you and find hope knowing that they are beautiful too in their unique way. They will go on all the adventures with you in your fairytale stories and get lost with you in your imagination as you explore.

You teach them many things through your quests, and the most important lesson is Believe In Yourself! Your adventures will give them strength and courage to face the world and know it is okay to be different. Children know they have you to make them feel special! If a child ever feels sad, they just have to go to the Enchanted Forest and be part of your imagination as you go on your fairytale adventures!

So be brave, and when people come to talk to you, smile. A smile is the biggest power that the universe has; it has the magical properties of showing our inner goodness to others and bringing people closer together. It melts away anger, hate, and all the negative things and brings about joy and happiness. That is your secret power, Ella. The ability to go through all those tough times with a smile on your face and in the end it makes all things okay with your goodness.

I know you look to me for advice and someone who will protect you. But to be very honest, sometimes I fail, and I am tired, and I think I can’t figure things out anymore. Then you come to me and hold me close and like in the fairytale stories things become beautiful, once again. I can go through everything knowing that you are by my side. To be honest, I need you more than you need me because, sweetheart, you are very special.

Alopecia, cancer, autism, and special needs I know you dread these terms, Ella, and yes it is not something that exists in children stories, but you’re not the princess of any common fairytale story. You are my bald princess that has overcome all the obstacles in her way and is a survivor. You are not a damsel in distress, but you are the shining knight braving across the fields in the darkness of the night like a light of hope to all kids that are out there.

My dear child never should you be disheartened because others tell you that you are different. Take it with pride and wear it like a crown on your head. Because you are different from others, you are a bald princess with a kind heart and a charming smile, who learns to become brave in the children story books and in real life too.

You are always fighting across all negativity and other challenges of the Enchanted Forest and real life to make a mark and become a role model for all children.

You are truly my beautiful princess - Ella The Enchanted Princess! The greatest role model for all children! You will help teach children all over the world to accept themselves for who they are!

With Love,

Molly Mirror

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