Molly Mirror


Ella and Molly Mirror are best friends.  Much like other magical mirrors in children's fairy tales, the mirror in her room always tells her the truth. She learns to trust Molly Mirror. No matter how tough of a time she's having, she can depend on her magical friend to help her figure out what to do next.


Sally Princess Ella's Favorite Doll

This is Sally, Ella's favorite doll.  Ella got Sally when she was born.  They became good friends over the years.  Ella loves to play with Sally and dress her in different costumes like her. 



This is Ella's Armoire.  Here she has all of her beautiful princess dresses and her fun costumes.

Puppy, Unicorn,

Dollie Mary

CAP Kids Princess Ella and Leo

"Kids Are Precious"

Rosaria L. Calafati is proud to announce that she is sponsoring the Children's Alopecia Project by donating $1.00 from the sales of The Secret of the Purple Gem.

Building self-esteem, providing support and raising awareness of the currently incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, Alopecia. 


CAP is changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence.

CAP is a federally tax-exempt 501c3 Non-profit organization. EIN# 02-0729983  

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