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Ella The Enchanted Princess

When you're searching for princess stories for kids, it's likely that you see the same characters over and over again. Princess stories for kids typically involve princesses with long, flowing hair, waiting to be rescued by a prince. As you browse the children's bookstore, it can get old seeing the same trope over and over again.



The good news: Ella The Enchanted Princess is different. Ella was born bald, and she struggles with her self-image, just like so many young girls in today's world. Ella's struggles with inner confidence stop her from living the life of her dreams, and she has to face her fears in order to look at herself in the mirror and feel ok with who she truly is. While there are many options in the children's bookstore, you want your children to have a positive, motivating role model, and Ella is just that.



Princess stories are a dime a dozen, but Ella The Enchanted Princess is unlike any princess you've ever seen before. She doesn't try to hide her fears. She talks about what she's going through, and she works to overcome the issues that get in her way. She's not waiting for anyone to save her - she's working hard to save herself from her own lack of confidence. Ella's story will resonate with children and their parents alike. Whether your child looks or acts differently from their peers, or just struggles with self-confidence from time to time, they'll identify with Ella. As they see themselves in her, they'll begin to understand how they can grow their own self-confidence, just like the hero of the story.

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