I Didn’t Wait For Disney To Create A Beautiful Bald Princess I Created Her Myself!

May 8, 2017




I didn’t wait for Disney to create a beautiful bald princess for all the bald little girls out there. I created her myself because I know what it is like to lose all your hair and have people stare at you.


Her name is Ella The Enchanted Princess, and I think you’ll agree that she’s as beautiful as any other princess around.


Why make all princesses the same when none of us are the same? Our differences should be celebrated because they are what make us all special and beautiful.


Little girls are the most fragile creatures of all, but none more so than little girls that are fighting for their lives, or have alopecia.  Ella The Enchanted Princess gives them the strength to keep fighting and helps them realize their own unique beauty to embrace wholeheartedly.


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