Wigs 4 Kids Book Review of Ella The Enchanted Princess Who Are You?

July 6, 2017

Dear Rosaria,

I received your postcard in the mail. I love the artwork, it was whimsical. Then I ordered the book and just received it yesterday. I read it today and it is precious. How fitting for the work we do and the families we serve.

I would recommend that you write another book with princess Ella as a preteen and then another one as a young lady. We work with children ages 3-18 and they experience these same feelings at every age so this book is very relateable for them and as women we know there is a princess in all of us.

I also am a breast cancer survivor and I wish you good health. I would like to send you a packet of information about what we do here at Wigs 4 Kids. Thank you for providing this book, I will use it as a tool when working with the kids.

The Kids & I Thank You,

Maggie Varney
Founder & CEO
Wigs 4 Kids


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