A Little Encouragement From A Teen Alopecian

July 7, 2017

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Discussion posted by Livkerp:

Hey you guys! So I'm a 17 year old girl who just graduated high school. I was diagnosed with areata my sophomore year and wore wigs when all my hair fell out. I was devastated and never thought this was something I could share with anyone. Only a few people knew, and I never allowed my parents to even bring it up because I would just cry. Something happened - maybe I was tired of how trapped I felt underneath my wig, or was just done holding myself back. But I decided to post a picture of my hair when it was all gone. Like, completely bald. I was so scared, because this was a part of my life that I had guarded so heavily for almost 2 years. However, the amount of love and outpouring of kindness I received was amazing. I didn't do it for the comments or for the likes, I did it because I just wanted to show everyone the real me, once and for all. It was sooo incredibly freeing. I guess I had an image in my head of what might happen if I showed people the real me - no one would love me, I'd be vulnerable, people would make fun of me - but once those colossal beliefs were shattered, I was free. Now I wish I did it earlier so I could walk the halls without my wig. I know - crazy, right? It's amazing what happens when you open yourself up. Also, for parents, mine were very encouraging and followed my lead. I didn't even tell them I was going to post the picture, but they were so pleased when I did. It opened up conversation and they never pushed me to do anything I wasn't comfortable doing on my own. I'd encourage you all to do something crazy - stop holding yourself back! Shatter your colossal belief and see how the world opens up around you. Sending love : 

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