My Wish For Parents For The New School Year!

September 8, 2018


Now that school started I want to wish all the children luck, happiness and a safe and healthy year! I want to wish all parents patience to help their children grow into fabulous kids!


Being a mom of 6, I know the many challenges that you will be facing. Be strong and guide your children and show them a lot of love! Stay positive and strong. Children will try anything to get out homework or reading their books. It is your job to reassure them that they are doing a good job.


May God Bless all of you and especially the children who face so many obstacles today. Just be there for them in whatever they do. Remember each child is a work of art. They are your masterpiece. When they tell you they want to be like someone else, tell them that they are one of kind! Copies never last but an original will always be around for a long time! Your children are an original work of art created by you! Good job moms and dads! Each child is an individual do not compare them to anyone!


I want to promote creativity for all children! Have to figure out how to live stream and schedule some crafts to do together via live stream. Also, want to promote reading. Reading is very important for everyone.


Your children are all the words that I posted! Make them believe that! These are my thoughts for tonight! Good Night!


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