Rosaria L. Calafati Sponsors the Children's Alopecia Project With Donations From The Sales Of Her Books!

March 10, 2019


Rosaria L. Calafati  is proud to announce that she will donate $1 from each sale of her books - Ella The Enchanted Princess, Who Are You?, The Ugly Christmas Tree and The Mystery of the Stolen Light and Leo & Lucas The Magic Sword - to the Children’s Alopecia Project to use towards changing the life of a child who lives with Alopecia.


All funds raised for CAP are used for the following programs for children with alopecia and their families:


Cap kid group meeting across the country and around the world.


Alopeciapalooza in Maine, Calipalooza in California, our international camps for children with alopecia and their families.


CAP Kid Camps in Colorado, Washington State, North Carolina, and Ohio.


CAP Kid Library Program through which CAP is donating books about alopecia to the school libraries of children in our Cap Kid group.


CAP2U Tours where the founder, Jeff Woytovich speaks to schools around the country.


CAP5K run and walk events.


CAP Kid Connections Program through which CAP connects children with alopecia with support groups and/or other CAP Kids in their area.


An interactive website, which brings together parents across the country and world whose children have been diagnosed with alopecia


CAP Outreach Program through which CAP sends brochures about CAP and alopecia to dermatologists, schools, and families in an effort to educate the public about alopecia.


CAP is changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence.

– Jeff Woytovich, Founder


CAP is a federally tax-exempt 501c3 Non-profit organization. 

EIN# 02-0729983



Donate Here: Children's Alopecia Project


Special Edition books have been created to support CAP Kids Click to buy!  Each book has the Children's Alopecia Project Seal on it!



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Who Are You? Ella The Enchanted Princess

The Ugly Christmas Tree Ella The Enchanted Princess

The Mystery of the Stolen Light Ella The Enchanted Princess

The Magic Sword Leo & Lucas



These books are also available as E-books!


















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