Introducing Ella The Enchanted Princess Who Are You? - Children's Story - Bald Princess

December 26, 2016



Meet Ella The Enchanted Princess.  She is a very special little girl.  She is a beautiful princess with big purple-blue eyes and pink heart-shaped lips!   She wasn’t any ordinary princess; she was very special and an amazingly brave little girl!  Ella was born with no hair, and this made her unique.  She doesn't like the way she looks and hates looking into mirrors.


I wrote a book and illustrated it, to show how Ella conquers her fears.  I wrote this book to inspire children and teach them that they are beautiful in their special way!  People are beautiful just the way they are. Children have a special place in my heart, and through my books, I hope to teach children to believe in themselves!


I am a Breast Cancer survivor and want to share how I poured my heart into my Princess Ella.  I created this little girl with passion, and I poured all my feelings of how it feels to be different and live in a world with people staring at you. As I was going through the many challenges of Breast Cancer, losing my hair was the one I conquered. I never wore wigs or hats to hide behind.  I would wake up every morning put on my lipstick and face the day.  My love for children inspired me to create Ella. I am a devoted mom of 6 and a grandma of 11. Children have always been my life, and I tried always be positive and motivate them to be happy with who they are. I wanted to create a character that children can relate to and follow as she conquers her fears.


I am proud to say that my book, "Who Are You?" is in the process of being published. I will keep you updated when you can purchase a copy.  In the meantime, I wanted to create this blog to introduce Ella The Enchanted Princess to the world.

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