Meet Bullock the Ogre

February 25, 2017



On the very dark side of the enchanted forest, the woods become very scary. The trees are dressed in black shadows.  Their branches are like arms swaying in the coming and going wind.  The branches look like they are reaching out to grab and hold you tight.  The air is very chilly and the only thing you could hear is the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet.


These woods are known as Mystic Hallow. Only an Ogre named Bullock lives there. He is not an ordinary ogre. He is abnormally large, strikingly ugly, terribly angry, always hungry and absolutely merciless.   He is a hideous looking giant that feeds on your imagination and dreams. He tries to steal everyone’s dreams.


These woods are enclosed by a barbed wired fence that has a monstrous looking gate at the entrance.   The Ogre didn’t allow anyone to come to this part of the Enchanted Forest.  He was the guardian of the dark woods and held the key to the gate.


Does Ella become friends with Bullock or does she have to learn how to fight him?

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