Peek Inside Ella The Enchanted Princess Series Fairytale Children's Story Book Collection

February 3, 2017

A sneak peek of my collection of children story books about a beautiful princess named Ella.  These stories take place in a beautiful castle beyond the Enchanted Forest filled with intriguing fairytale characters. Kids will love to read all about Ella as she goes on many adventures through the Enchanted Forest and meets interesting fairytale characters.  Each book holds a valuable lesson for children of all ages.


Who Are You?

This book introduces Ella The Enchanted Princess.  Join her in her very first adventure through the Grand Hall.  Meet all the wonderful fairytale characters that help Ella conquer her fears!


Soon to launch! 


The Ugly Christmas Tree


What adventures awaits Ella when she goes through the Enchanted Forest to the Christmas Tree Forest to pick out her first Christmas Tree?  What fairytale characters does she meet there?


The Mystery Of The Stolen Light


It is morning, but it is still dark out!  Ella is afraid of the dark.  How can she overcome her fear of the dark and help find the light of the Enchanted Forest?


The Secret Of The Purple Gem



Ella is asked by Fairy Rosa to help save the fairies. Something very important was taken from the fairies and they need Ella's help to get it back.


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