Mom & Dad


Meet Leo's parents.  Leo’s Mom and Dad keep Leo very sheltered and away from any danger.  They didn’t want anyone to know about his incredible strength.  They always try to protect him from everyone because they love him very much.  His parents know Leo was different, and they didn’t want anything to happen to him. They love Leo very much and always make sure that he is safe from any danger.  

Gabriel The Giant

Gabriel takes care of the Enchanted Forest. He makes sure the animals have enough to eat, and that the Enchanted Forest is always watered and thriving. Because Gabriel is so big, he squeezes the clouds when the forest needs rain!


He helps the fairies when they get stuck in trees, and he carries the trolls to a hiding place when the sun rises if they can’t hide in time.


But his primary job is to make sure the Enchanted Forest is safe from Michael, the Wicked Wizard, who wants to destroy him along with the Enchanted Forest.

Gabiel the Giant

Michael The Wizard


Michael the Wicked Wizard takes Gabriel's eye.  He is a very tricky and greedy man. Michael wants control of the Enchanted Forest and will do anything in his power to get it.  He wants to steal Leo's Magic Sword. He will stop at nothing to take anything that will make him more powerful. Read to find out how Leo & Lucas get Gabriel's eye back and what happens to the Wicked Wizard.

CAP Kids Princess Ella and Leo

"Kids Are Precious"

Rosaria L. Calafati is proud to announce that she is sponsoring the Children's Alopecia Project by donating $1.00 from the sales of The Evil Eye.

Building self-esteem, providing support and raising awareness of the currently incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, Alopecia. 


CAP is changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence.

CAP is a federally tax-exempt 501c3 Non-profit organization. EIN# 02-0729983