Can Princess Ella overcome her fear of the dark?! One day, the light was stolen from the Enchanted Forest. Princess Ella was sent on her first quest to find out who stole the light from the Enchanted Forest.


She faces many challenges along the way and makes new friends too.  See who she meets along her journey as she desperately tries to conquer her fear of the dark, to find the light!


Wonderful Wallie

Joey The Ugly Christmas Tree

Meet Wonderful Wallie the Keeper of the Light.  Find out how Wallie helps Ella as she goes on her adventure to find the light


This is Firelight.  He comes to Ella's rescue when she points her wand and says "Illuminate the Way!"

Nanny The Ugly Christmas Tree

Jorge The Troll

Jorge The Troll The Ugly Christmas Tree

This is Jorge the master of all trolls.  Join Ella as she looks for Jorge to find out what happened to the light of the Enchanted Forest.  Will he become Ella's friend?

The Trolls

Fairy Rosa The Ugly Christmas Tree

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