The Secret of the Purple Gem Ella The Enchanted Princess

Fairy Rosa

Fairy Rosa Ella The Enchanted Princess

Meet Fairy Rosa.  She reaches out to Princess Ella to help her save the Purple Gem from Fairy Irina the Evil Ice Fairy!


Bongo The Snow Monster

This is Bongo the snow monster that tries to stop Princess Ella. He protects the path that leads to Fairy Irina's Ice Castle!  How can Princess Ella get past him?

Fairy Irina

Fairy Character - High Resolution Blende

This is Fairy Irina the Evil Ice Fairy.  She stole the Purple Gem from the fairies. She wants to destroy the fairies and Princess Ella!  

The Fairies

Fairy Dandy
Tiger Lily
Fairy Orchid
Fairy Tullie
CAP Kids Princess Ella and Leo

"Kids Are Precious"

Rosaria L. Calafati is proud to announce that she is sponsoring the Children's Alopecia Project by donating $1.00 from the sales of The Secret of the Purple Gem.

Building self-esteem, providing support and raising awareness of the currently incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, Alopecia. 


CAP is changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence.

CAP is a federally tax-exempt 501c3 Non-profit organization. EIN# 02-0729983