Who Are You? Ella The Enchanted Princess - Bald Princess

In a beautiful kingdom, hidden beyond the Enchanted Forest lived a young princess named Ella.  She was different from other princesses.  Ella had no hair.  She often tries to hide her head with scarves and headbands and doesn't like looking into mirrors.  Ella always dreams of one day exploring beyond the majestic doors of the castle.  However, to do that, she must pass through the Grand Hall, but there are so many dreaded mirrors on the walls.  These mirrors are the guardians of the castle, and will not let anyone pass unless they are recognized.


Join Ella on her first adventure through the Grand Hall.  Why don't the mirrors know Ella, and what will she have to do to leave her room and explore?

Who Are You?  Ella The Enchanted Princess - Bald Princess

Molly Mirror & Ella

Molly Mirror and Ella the Enchanted Princess

Meet Molly Mirror.  She is Ella's best friend.  She lives in Ella's room. Molly always tells Ella the truth.  She is always there to give Ella advice.


This is Ella's Nanny.  She has raised Ella from when she was a baby.  Ella loves when Nanny reads her different stories.  Ella loves Nanny very much.


Meet Bullock the ogre that lives in the Dark Forest.  Will Ella ever meet him and try to make him her friend?  

Big Mirror

Meet Big Mirror.  He is the guardian of the Grand Hall.  Find out why he stops Ella from going through the Grand Hall.

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